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Soft Corner

We all have a “soft corner” in our minds. A soft corner is a space to escape when we feel lonely and scared. It could be our room where we enjoy our pastime or reflect on the day.   It could be recalling our best memories, or simply doing the little hobbies that we enjoyed.

This series of art epitomizes the idea of a soft corner through both illustration and mixed media: the illustrations capture specific moments, such as reading a book, while the small sculptures are created for an immersive experience without the concept of time.

The art-making process for this exhibit was long and difficult because of the tiny scales and the switches between different media. At the same time this process is heartwarming because of the little details. 

My work is about taking in anxieties, and relieving them through my arts. My intention is to deliver the healing power to the audience through my works and to remind them to take a break from the stress and revisit their soft corners.

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