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Perfect Blue

“Perfect Blue” is a paper cut product project. The project went to one of the biggest art fairs “SABBAT OF THE WITCH 4” in Shenzhen, China. This project was designed by a team of three people. It consisted of products such as paper cut greeting cards, magazines and keychains. We decided to have the theme on the ocean and use only black, white and blue for the color. The project is meant to provoke the awareness of ocean pollution.

I worked as the main artist of this project. I was also in charge of writing, designing and printing proofs for the magazines. Besides the art aspect, I also helped find factories for productions, online promotions and budget calculations.

Product 01  Fashion Magazine

A 32- pages fashion magazine consists of original fashion designs, illustrations and stories.

Product 02  Pop-up Greeting Cards

A pop-up greeting card series (total of 5) that are based on the theme of ocean witch sewing house.

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